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June 6, 2013

Research awards reflect diverse disciplines

History shows building plagued by construction problems since 1969

By Patrick Elder

Nearly $290,000 was awarded by Cleveland State’s Office of Research through the 2013-2014 Dissertation Research Awards, Faculty Research and Development Awards and Faculty Scholarship Initiative Awards.

“The breadth of the research proposals submitted by the winners reflects Cleveland State University’s ongoing commitment to a wide variety of local, regional, national and global research priorities,” said Dr. Jerzy Sawicki, vice president for research at Cleveland State University. “The selection process was very competitive. Congratulations to all of the doctoral students and faculty members whose proposals were chosen.”

CSU Research Lab

The funds were awarded to 35 different projects by doctoral students and faculty for research in a broad range of fields, from the arts and humanities to sciences and professions.

Doctoral students were awarded up to $5,000 each through the Dissertation Research Awards. One such recipient of the full award was Maura Krestar from the Department of Psychology for “examining the effects of processing time, age, valence, and variation in emotional intonation on spoken word recognition.”

Faculty in need of monetary assistance in their research efforts were also eligible to receive up to $5,000 each through the Faculty Scholarship Initiative Awards. Funding may cover travel expenses to library and archival collections, graduate student assistance, manuscript preparation and necessary materials.

Dr. Kathy Curnow, associate professor of art, received $4,635 in funding for research and existing photos for a 200-page exhibition catalogue titled “At Home in Africa: Pleasing Irregularity in Non-Industrial Design.”

The biggest prize was available through the Faculty Research and Development Awards in the form of a maximum of $25,000. The money—primarily supplied by the State of Ohio’s Research Inventive Program—was awarded to faculty members such as Dr. Anthony Berdis, an associate professor of chemistry, who received the full $25,000 for continuing studies toward developing personalized medicines to fight leukemia.

The nearly $290,000 in awarded funds is a part of the $55 million spent by Cleveland State annually in research and development.