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Students plan summer getaways

May 2, 2013

By Robert Bray

After months of homework and tests, many students look forward to the summer. Some stay home and use the time to relax while others pack their bags and leave town.

Summer break is an excellent time to combine travel with pleasure, work and learning.
Some students are planning to travel out of state this summer and are still in the stages of deciding where to go.

“One of the places I would like to go is somewhere inside of the United States, just because I feel like I love the United States,” said Brent Reed, a business administration major.

“Students are looking for an exciting life experience in the form of travel,” said Regina Hamilton a travel agent for All American Travel, Inc. "Big adventure and over the top neon nightlife are definitely on the agenda.”

She said that this year the top three best places for students to travel seem to be the beaches of Cancun, México for the sunny weather, and the discos, Europe where students can take a backpacking tour to learn about a new culture or Las Vegas, where visitors can see one of many outdoor live concerts at the beach at Mandalay Bay to try their luck at gaming tables. She also said that out of the places mentioned, Vegas is the cheapest with pricing around $400.

“I'm actually going on my next Vegas trip for late summer,” said Lynetta Jones, a psychology student.

She traveled to Vegas twice this year and tries to visit once every four months. “Vegas caters to all crowds — if you want to relax, there's a resort or spa for that. If you want to rage, the nightlife never sleeps,” Jones said. “You're guaranteed a good time.”
Vegas is also four hours away from Los Angeles, which is known for its sunny weather and beaches.

“At the beach life is different,” said Bobby Alexander, a resident who lives in Los Angeles as a freelance assistant story editor.

Alexander once attended Cleveland State's Urban Affairs program. He said that the best Locations to visit are Venice Beach, and Zuma beach located in Malibu. “California's oceanic views and tides, cast a spell into the universe,” Alexander said.

Students are also taking the study abroad route. The government funds a limited number of students each year to go on three-week cultural exchange programs. Study China and Study India are just a few of those programs.

Their websites www.studychina.org.uk and www.studyindia.org.uk offer information for students on how to get started. There is also information available here at Cleveland State's Study Abroad department for various programs.

Some students are traveling to Costa Rica this summer to study Spanish.
“This will be my first time going,” said Muid Ghani, a marketing and Spanish major.

“I’m excited to view another outside culture in a developing country and to learn another language is priority, and the beautiful women.” There are also employment opportunities overseas and out of state.

Hamilton said that since summertime is an offseason for many places, being flexible with ones scheduling is key to finding affordable deals.
“So grab a friend or two or three and start looking for your next vacation.”