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May 2, 2013

Viking Film Festival to show student shorts

By Aziza Doleh

All good things must come to an end, and with the end comes new beginnings for film and digital media students. On Friday May 10, Cleveland State University’s Communication Department will be hosting Vikings Film Festival.

The Vikings Film Festival will be a showing of short films by junior and senior film students in the COM 410 and COM 411 classes. The festival began last year by Dr. Evan Lieberman, a media arts and technology professor, and Jen Poland, a graduate student. The event is free and open to the public.

“The whole point is to show student work to the broader public,” said Dr. Evan Lieberman.

The films are written, shot and produced exclusively by Cleveland State students and have made professors proud.

“They’ve come with reasonably polished… made with a budget of a few hundred dollars with very small crews, and given that, they are remarkably polished,” Lieberman said, describing the student’s films. “They look very, very good. They look very professional, and that’s what I want.”

The students’ short films feature comedy, drama and documentaries, ranging from seven to 20 minutes. It’s a representation how far they have come along as a group and a taste of what outsiders will expect from them as serious, young filmmakers.

“I would like everyone to know that my film is a part of a bigger journey that’s being walked right now, at this moment.said Stephanie Dugan, a film student whose fillm will be feature at the festival. “It was a wonderful learning experience and I have room for a lot of improvement, which is an important thing to note so early on in a career. If you see
no room for self-improvement or ways to make things better than you might as well put down the camera. I want everyone to know that there is more to come and that there is content out there that is waiting to be made that comes from passionate minds. I’m already planning another project.”

Guest judges and this year Ivan Swartz head of Cleveland Film Commission, Marc Jeffe former writer of popular show “Seinfeld”, Nicole Carris actress and Tyler Davidson leading producer in Northeast Ohio will judge the films.

“As the program keeps growing there’s alumni, and students can tap on to other alumni so there’s a growing community of filmmakers that can helping each other. And so each year the films are getting better and better,” said Jen Poland graduate student and organizer of the festival. “I’m very excited, and it’s exciting to see this happening.
The Vikings Film Festival will be on Friday May 10 in the MU Building, room 107. There will be an audience award and refreshments will be provided.