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Campus crimes

By Gabriel Hart

Where did he come from?

On April 8th at around 11:30 p.m., officers found a man sitting at a computer in the library after hours.

He was watching pornography and masturbating. Officers arrested the man for public indecency.

Students Be Smarter!

Opportunity Theft is leading all other Cleveland State crimes.
There were nine thefts reported in the week of April 8-14 and three of these thefts took place in the Recreation Center.

On April 8 there were two separate occasions where two men left their pants on a bench while playing basketball.

One man came back to find that his car keys had been stolen from his pocket. The other checked his pockets and his iPhone had been stolen.

Also, on April 8 a man left his gym bag in a locker but did not place a lock on it. He came back and his bag was no longer there.

On April 9 a student left her laptop in a cubicle in the student center, she stepped away for about 2 minutes and when she came back her laptop was gone.

These are just some examples of the opportunity theft that takes place around our campus.

Students should take extra precautions to keep personal belongings safe.