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Road to no confidence: what it means for CSU

Berkman, Rawson, Goodell provide views on events leading to curriculum confusion

April 18, 2014

By Brittney Schmies, Daniel Herda and Samah Assad

Discussion of a four-to-three credit conversion has been in question at Cleveland State University during recent semesters. In the last few weeks, the talks have heated up and caused a lot of confusion and uneasiness around campus.

The curriculum change controversy has divided the university. The faculty, led by the Faculty Senate, expressed a vote of no confidence in the administration because of the rushed manner in which across-the-board conversion was forced by the administration.

The Cleveland Stater has found that dialogue between the various stakeholders is missing, and each seems to be lobbying their own side of the issues.

In order to provide an open dialogue and learn the perspectives of both the administration and faculty, The Cleveland Stater reached out to Cleveland State President Ronald Berkman, Faculty Senate President Joanne Goodell and Board of Trustees Chairman Robert Rawson.

A majority of students and faculty at Cleveland State believe the credit conversion is occurring very rapidly.

Many believed the administration ignored the process and proposal recommended by the University Curriculum Committee (UCC).

Goodell argued that faculty are not against the credit conversion, but they want a reasonable timeline that will allow them to make the changes in curriculum without disrupting it for current students.

The faculty feel they are being asked to turn around the complex process of a curriculum change in a matter of a few weeks so that the registrar’s office will have a full year to implement the changes in the software.

However, Berkman and Rawson have argued that the timeline of the credit conversion can be traced back to 2009 with the creation of the Student Success Committee, a group formed to deal with issues relating to retention, graduation, student success, credit attainment, counseling, advising and mentoring.

The Board of Trustees resolution was passed in March, and the faculty is being asked to submit conversions of their curriculum by the end of the spring semester.

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