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Campus crimes

By Gabriel Hart

Guard your gear

Between March 17 and March 28 there have been five cases of theft reported on campus. All the cases reported were a result of opportunity theft, a student left something unattended or turned away and their belongings were gone. Being that Cleveland State is a public campus students and staff should always take extra precautions to secure their property.

Stumbling on campus

Three arrests were made around campus between March 23 and March 30. All of the arrests were due to someone being intoxicated and displaying disorderly conduct. None of the people who were arrested were Cleveland State affiliates. Although none of these situations resulted in anything harmful for students or staff, a situation like this can easily become dangerous. It is important that Cleveland State students and staff be aware of their surroundings at all times, and anytime they spot unusual behavior call campus safety immediately.

Play it safe

Students should keep in mind that areas surrounding the campus can be dangerous, and thanks to campus escorts they never have to walk alone. For an escort to your car, or to report anything unusual call campus safety at (216) 687-2020.