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Should CSU rec close its doors to non-CSU affiliates?

April 4, 2013

By Christina Sanders

After spending four years attending Cleveland State and regularly using the campus recreation center, I am utterly fed up.

The Cleveland State Recreation center needs to close its doors to patrons who do not attend Cleveland State or who are not affiliated with the university in anyway (faculty, staff, etc).

Perhaps when the university originally decided to open its door to patrons, people acted civil, however, now that is not the case.

Cleveland State students, whose tuition money built the recreation center and make the recreation center an amenity to them, have to consistently be concerned of their belongings being confiscated by other patrons.

These are patrons who do not attend Cleveland State. These are patrons who have not paid a single dime of tuition money.

For $4,632, you get to share space with people from the outside community who only pay $40 a month, to walk away with all kinds of goods courtesy of Cleveland State students.

$40 a month gets you iPhones, purses, bags, shoes or whatever you feel like stealing from students who sit their things down in cubbies while they workout. The point of building cubbies is to set your things down while you workout.

If that isn’t enough, when you head over to the basketball court, Cleveland State students have to be subject to verbal altercations and shoving matches by men more than 10 years older than them on average.

Once you decide to step out on the court and play a game with other people, there’s a chance you might lose. If your fortunes aren’t as good as you hoped it’s not a college students’ fault. If a college student isn’t performing well, they’re not taking it out on an outside patron.

When the university decided to allow community members to patronize the recreation center, they did so in good faith. It was a commitment on the part of the community and the university that they would share space and respect each other.

That’s how it used to be. Patrons from each side respected one another. Over my four years at Cleveland State I have watched the quality of the people who use the recreation center from the community decrease.

They simply do not respect the students or any of the patrons of the recreation center for that matter.

There is no reason to continue with an agreement, when the agreement has been breached by one of the parties.

There is no reason why students should stop wanting to go to the recreation center that was built for their use because people who don’t pay tuition have hot tempers and sticky fingers.

Get it together or get out.

People come to gyms to workout. People don’t come to the gym to get their belongings taken by other patrons as soon as they turn their back.

People don’t come to basketball courts to get into altercations with other patrons.

Even though our recreation center has a partnership with an outside consulting company that enables members of the community to hold memberships at the facility, the building was built with student tuition money; therefore it’s our facility.

No student deserves to be subject to anxiety about what they’re going to lose if they go and workout at the recreation center.

Cleveland State needs to deal with this before it becomes a complete madhouse because it’s halfway there.