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Crime Report Log

By Gabriel Hart

The following report consists of campus crimes students and faculty should be aware of. All the crimes listed below took place from Feb. 17-23.

Eight cases of theft were reported, three of these cases involved criminal damaging.

Two of the cases involved opportunity theft, so students and teachers should be sure to lock doors and secure their property properly.

Eight cases involving drugs and alcohol were reported. These crimes ranged from drug paraphernalia to posession of drugs, as well as intoxicated disorderly conduct and open containers in a vehicle. Out of those eight cases, three arrests were made.

Four cases of criminal damaging were reported as well as vandalism and graffiti. No arrests have been made in any of these cases.

Four cases of criminal tresspassing were also reported. Criminal tresspassing is quite common at Cleveland State University because it is a public campus located in downtown Cleveland. Because of that Cleveland State police take this very seriously. In all four cases arrests were made.