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Feb. 14, 2013

NSBE offers tutoring services to CSU students


By Robert Bray

The National Society of Black Engineers is planning to offer tutoring to students of all majors at Cleveland State University as one of the services they would like to offer this spring.

As of now, NSBE is offering tutoring services to students informally, but would like to formally offer their services to students.
The students who have received help from NSBE members appreciate the support.

“The tutors at NSBE definitely helped me with calculus and pre-calc,” said Marsha Peifer, a Pre-med student. “I felt like they were able to explain the problems and all the concepts a lot better than anybody else I ever went to,” she said.
Part of their plan is to encourage more black students to enroll in the engineering program.

“The more awareness we can bring to students about the field of engineering and all the various disciplines, I think the more interest we can gain,” Dr. Pamela Charity-Leek, faculty adviser for NSBE, said.

Many members from last semester graduated, meaning NSBE will have to start from the ground up to increase membership this year. Between 2007 and 2011, Cleveland State experienced a 56 percent increase in black students enrolled in the engineering program according to the latest statistics from Cleveland State’s Book of Trends.

This reflects students who enrolled into the college, but not the students who earned a degree in engineering. “I think there might be a shortage of students in engineering because not enough people know what engineers do,” Dr. Charity-Leek said.

They would like to have an event to formally offer tutoring services to Cleveland State students sometime this semester. “We’re not just tutoring engineering courses,” Vice President Alex Jones said. “Were targeting all the beginning math courses and all the beginning science courses because those are the core courses you need to get into this building,” he said.

For more information about NSBE visit their website NSBE.org, or visit them in Stillwell Hall, room 258.