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Summer in the city internship program is in full swing

By Ariana Johnson

July 12, 2012

In June, the Maxine Good Levin College Of Urban Affairs kicked off their 2nd annual “Summer In The City “ internship program.

“Summer In The City” is a 9-week internship program that provides college students with a $1700 stipend to work for non-profit or urban organizations. Students who participate in the program attends weekly seminars along with their actual internships
“It has a combined mission one is to give assistance to non-profit organizations in Cleveland by having additional staffing for the organization to do projects they might not otherwise do and then the mission also introduce students to potential careers in neighborhood and urban developments,” said Phillip D. Star, cooperative internship coordinator for the program.

The non-profits and community development organizations that hire students for Summer In The City vary from Union Miles Development, Glenville Development Corporation, Amicus Foundation, and the American Red Cross of Greater Cleveland.
Interns in “Summer In The City” do more than the stereotypical tasks such as filing documents, buying lunch, and fetching coffee.

Students and the organizations draw up a “learning contract,” which is an agreement between the students and employer stipulating the projects they will be working on and the activities they will be doing on the project. The student also writes down the concepts that he or she wants to learn throughout their internship.

The students receive a well-rounded experience as an employee in a community development organization during their internship they meet the entire staff and are given real responsibilities.

Even though a smaller an organization the possibility still remains that a student will have to do some filing but they are treated as fellow employees and not just errand runners.
This year 50 students applied for the program and 22 were accepted. Out of the 22 interns 10 were not students at Cleveland State. Last year a student who participated in the program was hired at the St. Clair Superior Development Corporation after her graduation.

There is no GPA requirement, however, a student must exude interest in urban studies, they must also have some volunteer experience, and they must write a letter explaining why do they want to be apart of the program and what do they want to gain from the program.

All majors are welcome to apply. If a student in the urban studies major is not interested or is just too busy to be an intern in the “Summer In The City” program, they are able to take the undergraduate non-profit internship course, which is also a paid internship during the fall and spring semester.

The program administrators think that “Summer In The City” seems to be a great internship program that allows students to develop their business skills, it allows students to network, and it also gives students the incentive to help develop their communities.

“For the students I think it’s a great opportunity to get some hands on experience if you have thought about a career in this area to actually go in and see what an organization does, to decide, if this is the type of work I want to do, if this is the type of organization I’m interested in, so it is a really good way to test it out,” Star said.

For more information on the summer in the city program go to http:// urban .csuohio.edu/academics/ust 490.