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Browns have numerous draft options

April 19, 2012

By Sarah Shannon

It’s that time of year again, football draft season.

This year the Cleveland Browns have a few solid chances to pick up some good players, as the team currently holds both the fourth and twenty-second picks in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

Rumors and opinions have been flying everywhere on who the Browns may take, from local news channels, to social media sites, to sports media outlets. However, a few players have stood out above the rest that Cleveland would benefit from.
It has been noted that for the fourth pick, the Browns are considering either Justin Blackmon or Trent Richardson.

Blackmon, a wide receiver from Oklahoma State University, undoubtedly has great potential in the NFL. However, his potential does not measure up to a fourth pick. His talents do not distinguish him from other receivers being considered in the draft.

Richardson, a running back from Alabama, is most likely the teams best option for their fourth pick. He is the only RB projected to go into the first round of this year’s draft.
If the Browns plan on building a team around Colt McCoy, as their quarterback, which seems a bit doubtful, Richardson would fill that void that was created with the loss of Peyton Hillis. His speed, power, and durability as a protector from McCoy proves him to be an aggressive and willing RB.

Last season, McCoy did not have much protection from his offensive line. With protection like this, as a quarterback, McCoy could finally demonstrate his strength in his throwing game and prove to be the player that Browns fans expected.

Two names being thrown around for the Browns twenty-second pick are Stephen Hill an Kendall Wright, both wide receivers.

Out of the two, Wright, from Baylor, stands out to be the better pick. He is a proven immediate impact player and would be a big help to McCoy, or any quarterback for that matter.

Like every other year, Browns management is looking for a fresh quarterback. By fresh, a new face in Cleveland is good enough.

It has been said that Brandon Weeden, a quarterback from Oklahoma State, may be the teams thirty-seventh draft pick and the newest quarterback added to the roster.
Weeden is the second best QB in the draft, but he has one disadvantage—his age. The QB is 28-years old, but can still make all the same throws as his younger competition.

Another possible QB for the Browns may be Ryan Tannehill, from Texas A&M. He would obviously replace McCoy. However, if the Browns choose to go this route, the replacement would have to be immediately at the start of the season to build the other draft picks talents around him. Tannehill may not be the miracle the Browns are looking for.

Browns management always believes that the best way to fix the team is to replace the quarterback. Maybe, it is time for a different change for a different result.

The team still has the option to trade down their high picks for lower draft picks from other teams. It is a toss up what the team will do come Draft Day.

In a recent interview, Browns coach Pat Shurmur ended with, “I think there’s risk in everything. The good news is when you have a couple high picks and you do your work, you have a pretty good chance of getting two really good players.”

What should they do?

Pick the best players they can get. Build the team up around one quarterback. Establish a cohesive chemistry through the entire team, offense and defense alike. This way, they can start the season on a united front and look the strongest they have in years.