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Non-consensual Sex

On Jan. 30 a non-CSU affiliate allegedly had non-consensual sex with another non-CSU affiliate who was the guest of a Euclid Commons resident. Cleveland State police detectives investigated the incident. However, the prosecutor’s office found insufficient evidence to file charges against the alleged suspect.

Slap Reported

A CSU student slapped their dorm mate as an RA was mediating their disagreement on Jan. 30. Following the slap, the roommates engaged in fisticuffs. CSU police officers responded to the scene where both students made peace with each other and declined to press charges.

Yelling Match

On Feb. 4 a CSU student reported a verbal argument between himself and another CSU student concerning the reporting student’s pledge status with a campus fraternity. The reporting student decided to drop out of the fraternity and has since been verbally confronted several times by a member of the fraternity.

Welfare Check

A man called CSU police to express concern for his girlfriend’s health and safety on Feb. 4. The girlfriend, a CSU student and dorm resident, had told the boyfriend she was stressed out and may take pills to harm herself. CSU police contacted the female and her RA. The girlfriend admitted to making the threat to harm herself but she said she would never follow up on the threat. The student stated she was currently receiving counseling. The responding officer informed the student about Mobile Crisis and gave her phone numbers in the event she felt stressed out again.