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C-M Law hosts multicultural event for potential law students

Feburary 16, 2012

By Ariana Johnson

On Friday, Cleveland Marshall College of Law hosted their annual Multicultural Perspectives Visit.

The Multicultural Perspectives Visit allows an undergraduate or a potential Law student to come and experience life as a student of Cleveland- Marshall College of Law for three hours.

Sandra English the Assistant Director of Admissions and Multicultural Recruitment hosts the Multicultural Perspectives Visit two times a year once in November another time in February at Cleveland Marshall Law.

“ Specifically my role is to focus on diverse candidates so we’re looking at students of color, women, students with disabilities, things of that nature so Multicultural Perspectives Visit targeted at diverse students to give them more information about Law School and more of a insider approach of being prepared and applying for Law School,” said English.

The Multicultural Perspectives Visit displayed the exact purpose and mission that English described it to be. The first event that was on the Multicultural Perspectives Visit itinerary was a tour of the Law School and Law Library, the perspective students has an opportunity to sit down in an actual CM LAW classroom and participate in a mock class exercise with on of C-M LAW most prestigious professors.

Prof. Matt Green, who teaches Employment Discrimination and Civil Liberties Seminar where the class discussed two actual cases as if the perspectives students were actual CM Law Students in Professor Green’s Class,Shortly after lunch was served and the Perspectives had an opportunity to engage in a panel discussion with C-M Law Students one of which who experienced the Multicultural Perspectives Visit and decided to go to C-M Law.

The majority of the perspectives at the Multicultural Perspectives Visit were not your typical college students contemplating Law School. A lot of them were already established businessmen and women who succeeded in other avenues of the employment world and would like to see what they can do in the world of Law.

The percentage of multicultural students at C-M Law is 21% which is around the national percentage of diverse students enrolled in Law School.“We’re very proud of that,” said English.

English makes sure that all multicultural students, both current and perspective, have an opportunity to thrive in their journey to earn their juris doctorates. With programs like Jump Start, which is a program designed for high school students which introduces them to the career of law by having a CSU Undergrad speak to the high school students about how any major in college can transition into a career in law and develop, students can create a partnership with Cuyahoga Community College, as well as Central State University and LCOP the Legal Career Opportunities progam, which allows undergraduate students that would not be able to apply for law school normally because of their GPA or LSAT score but has experienced adversity in their lives, to come to C-M Law as a Law student. The Multicultural Perspectives Visit was definitely a success and the perspectives enjoyed it.

“We definitely go out of our way to show that we’ re supportive, we definitely go out of our way to explain the application process, and you do for all of our applicants but we definitely want to make it known that we’re definitely receptive and respect diversity at Cleveland State University,” said English.

For more information about Multicultural Affairs visit C-M LAW or visit their website https://www.law.csuohio.edu/