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CSU student organization fair helps students get involved

By Matthew Stafford

February 2, 2012

The Cleveland State University Student Organization Fair was held last Tues. and Wed. in the Student Center. The fair, which is held every semester, featured over 40 organizations each day, and 60 different organizations in total.

Dr. Mary Meyers helped organize the fair, as she does every year. The fair is a forum for students to promote their organizations and show new students what organizations the campus has to offer. And CSU has a lot of them.

According to Meyers, there are over 190 student organizations and since organizations are still registering, there will likely be over 200 by the time registration is finished.

“We’ll likely break a record this year,” Meyers said. “We’ve never had this many organizations before.”

Student organizations are one of the most important parts of any college campus. Dr. Meyers explained that research has shown that students who actively involved in organizations are more likely to finish their schooling and graduate. It isn’t a surprise that CSU puts so much effort into getting people into the event with attractions like free food, music and various games. However, Meyers says there are other benefits that are not always readily apparent to students.

“Student orgs afford students opportunities that cannot be manufactured in the classroom,” Meyers said. “You learn soft skills like how to run meetings, set agendas, deal with different kinds of people, deal with difficult people. You’re in organizations most of your life, be they small non-profits or large places like CSU.”

Meyers also pointed out other practical benefits.

“In this day and age, a degree doesn’t always guarantee employment. Having these sorts of skills and the contacts gained through many of these organizations can help students gain new opportunities.”

In her view, the Student Org Fair is one of the best events CSU does, because it not only helps student organizations promote themselves, but because it helps the promoters learn valuable lessons too.

“I set up the event and then I encourage the students to promote and sell their own organizations. It helps teach them communication skills, personal interaction skills and marketing skills.”

One of those presenters was Caleb Mckinzie of the Phi Beta fraternity.

“We had a great turnout, a lot of students were there,” he said. “We got nine people to sign up.”

There are many student organizations and with over 200 organizations, and according to Meyers, there’s something for everyone.