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Student Life hosts campus safety fair

CSU safety officers stress student awareness during Chillfest event

By Matthew Stafford

February 02, 2012

“On Monday, Student Life held a Safety Fair as part of Chillfest. Various safety officials of Cleveland State were on hand in the Student Center to promote their services to new and returning students who might not use or be aware of them.

Among the attendees was Cleveland State officer Beverly Pettrey. Officer Pettrey has spent much of her career encouraging students to be more aware of their surroundings and helping promote the escort service offered by the CSU Police Department.

Officer Pettrey at Safety Fair“This fair is not only to help students become aware of our services, but to encourage them to be more aware of their surroundings,” Pettrey said. “In this day and age, you have to be aware of everything and everyone around you. Not everyone in the Student Center is a CSU student and if you aren’t vigilant, you could find yourself missing something valuable.”

In order to prove her point, Pettrey brought a laptop with security camera footage from last year. The footage showed a student engrossed in what they were working on, and while they weren’t looking, their belongings were stolen. The person got away without the student noticing. “Of course this is an extreme example, but this kind of inattention is what leads to a lot of the thefts on campus,” Pettrey said.

Pettrey and other officers were also there to promote the Rape Self Defense Class, complete with a man in body armor, typically used for self defense technique demonstrations.

Physical safety is not the only element of safety though. There is also physical and mental health. Health and Wellness services was on hand to promote the low-cost services they offer students, as well as the free and confidential HIV-testing. Counseling services was on hand to let students know that if they were having issues, they could always turn to them.

Pettrey also gave some advice, “Be aware of your surroundings. That means taking off the earphones, turning off the cell phone, and not sleeping on the couches. Always keep track of your belongings. Don’t travel alone; go in a group. If you can’t do that, call the escort service at 687-2020. We’re here to help keep you safe.”