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NBA lockout called to an end: fans share their opinions

December 1, 2011

By Rachel Tuma


On Nov. 26, the NBA finally announced that the lockout is over. Fans across America are ecstatic. Facebook statuses and Twitter tweets are blowing up with fan support.

“The NBA is back! In such a good mood now,” was a status from a Facebook user. Even former Cavalier, LeBron James, had a status showing his excitement for the season to begin.

It said, “Man I just got up not too long ago and see we have a deal! I feel like my kids on X-mas day! So juiced!! Excited for the fans that stayed patient with us!”
Fans are even more excited that the holidays will be better. “Christmas wouldn’t have been the same without it!” said a fan.

The NBA will begin playing basketball on Christmas Day, embarking on a 66-game season. “All I feel right now is `finally,”’ Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade told The Associated Press.

For Cleveland State basketball, that may be a bad thing, but not completely. Students aren’t always attending the games in the first place. With the NBA back, more CSU fans may rather watch the pros to support Norris Cole.

During the lockout, it was almost expected that more fans would attend the Vikings home games. Even though the NBA wasn’t a television option for a while, it seemed as if fans turned to the NFL more than the NCAA.

Maybe it’s not the fault of the students at CSU. Many students would love to support their team. The problem lingering is their school schedules, work, and other interests.
Brandon Mussara, a freshman, has been dying to go to one of the games. He is a student who stays on campus, but can’t make it to the games.

“I really would love to go to a game,” he said. “I just don’t have the time. I work too much and have a lot of homework. I want to go soon, for sure.”

Timing is also a big factor for students. With finals coming up, students are focusing more on their studies and less on the activities around them.
On another hand, some students aren’t going just because they’ve never been interested in the first place.

Student Gina Stem, has never been interested in basketball.

“Basketball is one of my least favorite sports, that’s why I don’t go,” she said. “I’ve been to one Cavs game in my life! I don’t think that would change why people aren’t coming to games now.”

She also believes that being a commuter student affects the whole concept of going. It can be any kind of sport aside from basketball.

“Honestly I never went to a soccer game here either,” she said.“I think it’s different for a commuter student. I focus more on work at the zoo and doing stuff at home. I don’t make room in my schedule for going to sports games.”

For a student that stays at school, it can be different, aside from Mussara. Jennifer Kassay is a junior at Ohio University in Athens. According to her, the attendance is booming at the Bobcats basketball games. She is a proud supporter of the athletics at her school, and would be if she went to CSU.

“If I went to CSU I would go to the games,” she said. “Maybe it’s different since most of the students aren’t commuter students. There’s not much to do where we are, so people show up to the games for entertainment.”

Currently the Vikings are doing great with a 6-1 season. The CSU Athletics page on Facebook has many fans supporting the teams. When the Vikings defeated the number 7 team, Vanderbilt, fans were so pumped. One comment stated, “Gonna be ANOTHER fun season at the Wolstein.” Other comments said things such as, “Go Vikes!”

With them doing so well, it’s hopeful that more fans will be attending the games. The CSU athletics page on Twitter had a fan comment showing how supportive he is.

“Cleveland State 57 - Kent State 53. Great road win for our team! Thanks to all of the CSU fans for making the short trip to Kent!” Another tweet said, “I love Cleveland State!”
With the NBA back, it seems as if there are still some true fans that will plan on keeping the support for the Vikings from the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

On another note, basketball fan Marko Pappas doesn’t plan on watching the NBA games this season. He feels that the players have lost the love of the game.

“It just shows that all they are worried about is the money and not the game,” he said. “They are already making millions of dollars.”

When it comes to watching the games at CSU, he still doesn’t think he’d go to the games, but would watch them over the NBA.

“I still probably wouldn’t watch the Cleveland State games, but I’d rather watch them because they’re in it to play,” he said.“It’s not about the money.”

When the NBA holds its first set of games on Dec. 25, it will be a very exciting day. It doesn’t mean that the fan population for CSU will go down. Like the Vikings coaches said before, “Pro fans are pro fans.” You don’t switch what you watch, you keep to what you like.

For the Vikings, the comment the coaches said doesn’t mean that this season is going to have no student support. With the team doing so well, we can only expect more people to view.

Students will still support their school while watching the NBA on television. If anything, with the NBA back, more fans will be excited and have more enthusiasm to watch both their school and the pros.

The real focus is the love of basketball. It brings everyone together like any other sport. That’s all that matters in the end.

Like Michael Jordan has said, “Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.”