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New NCAA legislation

“In effort to pacify the media outcry regarding the ‘poor’ players who only get a free education while bringing in millions for their school, the NCAA Presidents have authorized conferences to allow schools to provide a $2,000 stipend, or the cost of attendance whichever is less, for each “full” scholarship athlete,” according to John Parry, Director of Athletics at CSU.

People have always questioned why college athletes are not paid for all they do for the university. They bring in millions of dollars each year and are given nothing beyond scholarship money and room and board in return. It’s as if they are working for no pay. The schools are reaping the benefits of these star athletes.
These athletes are considered amateurs, and they aren’t supposed to get paid. That doesn’t make sense because they bring in millions. It is like they are just used as cash cows for the school.

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Grady leads Vikings' freshmen


New to Cleveland State and CSU basketball in particular, are four freshmen. Anton Grady, Charles Lee, Marlin Mason and Ike Nwamu all have joined the Vikings for this upcoming season.

Grady, a 6-8, 215-pound forward, was a dominant force in Cleveland-area basketball during his four seasons at Central Catholic High School. He played on four sectional championship teams, three district championship teams, two regional championship teams, one state championship team and another that finished as the runner-up.

The runner-up finish came this past season when the Cleveland native led the Ironmen to a 19-9 record by averaging 22.3 points, 14.8 rebounds, 4.4 blocked shots and 3.8 assists.

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Women's golf ends fall season

The Cleveland State women’s golf team handled a poor loss in the first round of the Zippy Invitational in Akron on October 17th.  They came back stronger the next day finishing fifth of seventh moving up one spot.

It wasn’t a great win for the girls, but head coach Steve Weir believes they did well.  They didn’t win, but they broke the school record of 315 set on Oct. 9, 2008. 

“We played a very poor first round,” said Weir. “The team responded and broke the school record in the second round. “

One player stood out.  Ariel Sparrow, a junior, almost beat the school record ending with a 73.  Katie Broere, who shot a 72, made the school record in March of 2008.

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NBA lockout affects Cleveland State basketball

Due to the NBA lockout occurring, the Vikings men’s basketball coaches and players are looking forward to more fan support in larger numbers. Many fans are wondering if they will be able to see their favorite players on the court. It’s a shame to turn on the TV and wonder whether or not we’ll have the opportunity to see a Cavs game this year.

This drastic effect may be good for college athletics; especially for the Cleveland State men’s basketball team.  With former basketball star Norris Cole in the NBA, it’s likely they will have more fans. The question is, will more people show up for CSU games since they aren’t able to watch the NBA games? 

The Vikings coaches have high hopes for more fans. They each believe they will have a higher fan base than in the previous years.

Associate head coach, Jayson Gee, has many reasons as to why they are expecting more people at their games.  He is very hopeful for this to happen.

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Winton leads the Vikings

With four starters returning for the 2011-12 season, the Cleveland State women's basketball team is expected to have yet another successful season under ninth year head coach Kate Peterson Abiad. The starting lineup is centered on junior Shalonda Winton, a preseason first team all-league pick.

Winton is just 15 rebounds shy of breaking into the top-20 on the all-time career rebounds list at CSU. After two seasons in a Viking uniform Winton has collected 460 rebounds, including 300 last year, the fourth highest single season total in program history.

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Fencing: An in-depth look

Mentioning Cleveland State athletics usually brings up images of the school’s ever-successful basketball team, or any of the various other programs for which CSU has been known.

Indeed, last on many sports fan’s ideas of excitement is fencing, but this need not necessarily be the case. Cleveland State’s fencing program has been going strong for years and is only getting stronger as its players, advance in skill level together.

Some students, like sophomore Marie Blatnik, who studies physics and electrical engineering, happened upon the team completely by accident.

“I was in an elevator one day in Fenn Tower,” she recalled, and upon inquiring about the bag the team member was carried she was encouraged to look into the fencing team.

Though she had no prior experience, the team welcomed her with open arms.

“It’s been so amazing,” she said. “We travel to different schools, we compete against other teams, we use everything we learned in practice, and it’s just been so amazing.”

“I’ve never been a student-athlete before,” she noted. “And even though fencing is an individual sport we support each other, help each other grow as fencers and as people.
We unite together.”

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