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Urban releases yearly report

Nov. 10, 2011


The Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs has highlighted its achievements and research initiatives over the past year in its 2010-2011 annual Report to the Community, released to the public on Oct. 20.

“The report is actually the first phase of an intentional, multi-part strategy to reinforce our national reputation,” said Edward Hill, dean of the College of Urban Affairs. “The glue that holds the Levin College together is our focus on city management and urban public policy.”

The annual report has three purposes according to Hill. The first is to report the achievements and activities of the college to its stakeholders. The second purpose is to create an internal communication pathway with current students, faculty and staff. The third is to serve as an external marketing tool by showing that individuals within the college are important contributors to urban public policy.

The report also highlights six strategic goals that the college has set for itself and is working toward them progressively. The college expects to meet all the goals by 2015.

“We review progress against the goals regularly with the college’s senior management team,” Hill said. “They guide our request for new faculty appointments, and they are used to frame new initiatives in the college.”

The report was compiled by a team led by Rosyln Bucy-Miller, the college’s communication manager, and Lisa Pastor, the leader of the college’s advancement efforts. Susan Petrone, a former employee of the college, assisted with writing and editing the report.
The Report to the Community can be found online at www.urban.csuohio.edu.