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Binging on a budget

Tomaydo Tomahhdo: Any way you spell it, it’s good

October 10, 2011

By Chrissy Niehaus

Tomaydo Tomahhdo is one of those quirky looking places that you drive by every day but never stop to check out. Well, in this case, I finally gave in. Bruce was my cashier and subsequent server of sorts, and as soon as his bright face broke into a smile I was at ease. After checking out the somewhat dauntingly huge menu behind him, I settled on a TomTom Combo. For mine, I chose a cup of Tomaydo basil bisque and mesquite turkey sandwich; a whopping total of $8.49. Throw in a drink and the requisite tax and we’re up to $11.19. Pay with a twenty and you’ll even have change left over for dessert at Dairy Queen.

I found a seat and took in the surroundings as the cooks prepared my order. Tomaydo Tomahhdo has that retro, open ceiling, see all the pipes and wires look. A wide open space with plenty of comfortable seating. Not long after I took my seat, Bruce arrived with my meal and – you guessed it – a smile on his face.

Now let me make something perfectly clear before I get into the bisque. I am not a soup person, and I never have been. I mean, come on, how is broth mixed with noodles a substantial meal? Soups of nearly every kind have simply never appealed to me. That being said, let us please take a few moments of silence to the Tomaydo basil bisque that I absolutely destroyed.

I’m not sure what they throw in the pot to create the concoction, but the bisque is positively creamy, making even your taste buds say, “mmmmm.” It wouldn’t have been hard to finish the creamy combination of cheesy and tomato tastes, if it wasn’t for that damn sandwich.Upon some kind of flaky bread sits lettuce, tomato, bacon and turkey, spread with just the right amount of southwest sauce. All of the ingredients together make for the right combination of zest. It was so easy to back and forth between the sandwich and bisque, each with its own savory taste.

Of course with every eatery, however, there has got to be a downside. Not that Tomaydo Tomahhdo could ever completely do wrong in my book. Smoothies priced at $4.75 better be spiked with silver and gold if you expect me to spend more than half the price of my meal on it. But it becomes hard to fault them when they deliver up such flavorsome food.
Seriously, though, don’t just take my word for it. Tomaydo Tomahhdo in Mayfield Heights is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Look for it at 1261 SOM Center Road.