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Obama at CSU to talk about winning the future

President will address small business forum in Cleveland


Feb. 17, 2011 Obama

President Barack Obama will return to Cleveland State on Feb. 22 for a small business forum. Details of the event have yet to be announced, but will feature businesses from the local community, the president and some of his staff. At this juncture, the event is closed to students.

The visit coincides with Obama’s efforts to hammer out the messages in his State of the Union address, mainly those focusing on ‘winning the future’ through ‘American innovation.’ Since the speech, he has toured several major manufacturing states for conversations about upward mobility and future progress.

Obama calls today our generation’s ‘sputnik moment,” an adage to the Kennedy years when a presidential challenge led Americans not only to the moon, but blasting into the future as well.

Now, the president must deal with a different hurdle. In an era of incredible government spending and a perilous outlook for a country with out of control debt, how does the need for innovation, and the accompanying government subsidy, balance with the need for reduced spending?

What the president must determine – maybe he plans to use his Cleveland as part of the process – is where our businesses are today, where they can reasonably expect to go and whether they can do so without excessive government support. If not, the challenge becomes that much greater.