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Corner eatery combines fast food and good food

Nestled between a collection of graffiti-ridden walls and streets of newly renovated condominiums lies Latitude 41, a unique restaurant with a certain flair that only it can muster. When you walk in, pay no mind to the cozy tables and booths spread out before you. Before you do anything, head on over to the counter, grab a menu, and start reading.

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After 182 years, oldest beer comes to Ohio

Yuengling Beer, coming from the oldest brewery in America, was only sold on the eastern seaboard and the southern states of America, forcing consumers had to cross state lines just to taste the delicious beer. That has changed for Ohioans; they can now buy it at their local supermarkets.

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‘Cabaret’ is a riveting and inviting GLT production

Leave your troubles at the door; you’ve arrived at the Kit Kat Club. With its vibrant, sexually charged cast, wonderfully perverted Emcee and an undercurrent of catastrophe, Great Lakes Theater’s “Cabaret” brings to the table a heavy dose of uncomfortable, yet absolutely delightful musical theater escapism.

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CSU students boogie down at first homecoming dance

Campus Activities Board (CAB) brought the downtown club scene to the Student Center ballroom last Friday, Oct. 21. Co-sponsored by the Resident Hall Association and the Student Involvement Council, “Glow” featured music by Cleveland’s own DJ EV, who announced Cleveland State’s homecoming king and queen and wrapped up homecoming week.

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CSU alum asks: ‘Drink Local, Drink Tap’

How would you survive if you had limited resources to fresh, clean water? What if you had to walk two to four miles to gather water to last you and your family for a few days?

In America, we live in a country where people don’t have to struggle for basic needs like water because it’s abundant and portable. However, many people in other countries such as Uganda do not have this luxury.

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Rally for cleaner energy

Students and activists from throughout the Midwest rallied outside the Student Center Sunday against construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline before marching to Willard Park.

The rally and march coincided with the Midwest Power Shift conference on clean and alternative energy held on campus last weekend.

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