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Once again the Browns are the Clowns

The students sound off on the browns faults

By Alex McKinley

October 27, 2011

Cleveland BrownsWhy is it that every year the Cleveland Browns can’t win the division, let alone have a winning season? This has been on the minds of all Cleveland fans for decades. There has to be a reason as to why this team can’t go back to the glory days in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

The teams in the NFL that have been just atrocious over the past five years have been Buffalo, Detroit, St. Louis and Cleveland. The surprising thing is that Detroit and Buffalo have been winning this year and making a name for themselves.

The Lions started the season 5-0, when just three years ago they didn’t win a single game. They brought in a new coach and it only took three years to turn that program around. The Browns have brought in coach after coach and nothing seems to work. Could this be our problem?

“I think the Browns have been so bad this year due to the adjustments to a new offensive and defensive play book and since Pat Shurmur is a rookie head coach,” said Jeff Kantor, a CSU sophomore. “Colt McCoy has the potential to be a decent starter in the league, but his youth in addition to a youthful receiving core and team is pulling the browns down. Hopefully with experience, they can soon be competitive in this league.”

The Bills who for the past five seasons haven’t reached the .500 mark have started out the season 4-2. They have beat big teams too. They have turned their program around why can’t the Browns.

“We have skill players but we don’t have the right people to help them perform.” said Larry Boyd, a senior at CSU.

It seems as if we are just getting worse by the year. Cleveland has the personnel but the coaching staff is always making new moves. Maybe the players don’t like Pat Shurmur? Maybe they aren’t happy with the big dogs running the show?

“It’s a combination of both players and coaches,” said Ben Fondale, a senior at CSU. “But if I had to choose one I’d give the responsibility to the coaches. The poor uses of the timeouts and I don’t think there’s enough discipline with all the penalties. There is no excuses that two field goals should be blocked either, that is the players fault.”

The team seems to be crumbling before the cities eyes once again. No one has any clear answer to why it keeps happening.

“They need better players who know what they are doing and how to work as a team.” said Kyle Clawson, a sophomore at CSU.

Maybe in the future the Browns can draft the right group of players to finally bring this town a title in a professional sport.