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Women's golf ends fall season

Ariel Sparrow shoots a 73, nearly beating school record

By Rachel Tuma

October 27, 2011


The Cleveland State women’s golf team handled a poor loss in the first round of the Zippy Invitational in Akron on October 17th.  They came back stronger the next day finishing fifth of seventh moving up one spot.

It wasn’t a great win for the girls, but head coach Steve Weir believes they did well.  They didn’t win, but they broke the school record of 315 set on Oct. 9, 2008. 

“We played a very poor first round,” said Weir. “The team responded and broke the school record in the second round. “

One player stood out.  Ariel Sparrow, a junior, almost beat the school record ending with a 73.  Katie Broere, who shot a 72, made the school record in March of 2008.

As a player, Sparrow is an athlete who is continuing to improve on her game.

“Ariel has been a player that is just now starting to reach her potential,” said Weir. “She is going to continue to get better.”

Sparrow is a great asset to the team.  For Weir, she, as well as the rest of the girls, are all strong players.

“Our top six players are only separated by 3 shots/round,” said Weir.  “We have 7 players that can step up and play well every round.“

Weir wasn’t surprised that Sparrow helped the team do better in the second game of the Invitational. 

“I was not surprised at all,” said Weir. “This team hates not playing well and I knew that they would play better on Tuesday.”

Weir already knows, as anyone would, that the school record is a difficult thing to beat.  It’s been over three years since it’s been set.  Sparrow has a chance to beat it, as do all of the other girls, according to Weir.

“She has a chance, as do all of our players,” said Weir. “Madeline Kaminski has come close this year, as well as Lisa Barber. For the first time in school history, every player on our roster has now broken 80.”

Weir believes the success for the Lady Vikings is continuing to improve.  As long as they progress, they’ll be set for victories.

“They are on the right track,” said Weir. “They are gaining invaluable experience just by competing and as long as our short games improve, our scores will continue to decrease.”

Overall, in the Zippy Invitational, Weir believes the girls did a fair job to end the fall season.  He believes they will be able to step up their game for the spring.

“The girls played quite well this fall,” said Weir. “We have a chance to do some special things if we work hard this winter and improve going into the spring.“