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Rally for cleaner energy

February 3, 2011

By Dan Stanton

Students and activists from throughout the Midwest rallied outside the Student Center Sunday against construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline before marching to Willard Park.

The rally and march coincided with the Midwest Power Shift conference on clean and alternative energy held on campus last weekend.

CSU Students and activists chant in solidarity against Keystone XL oil Pipe. The Keystone XL is a proposed add-on to the existing Keystone Pipeline System, a 36 inch pipeline that takes an eastern and then southern route from Hardisty, Alberta to Steele City, Neb., and then branches off to Cushing, Okla. and southern Illinois. The proposed Keystone pipeline extension will take a more direct route from Hardisky, through Baker, Mont., to Steele City. The extension will also include a pipeline from Cushing down to Houston, Tex.

The oil sent through the existing Keystone comes from tar sand deposits. Unlike oil that is pumped through a well, tar sands are oil deposits mixed with sand or clay and water. Oil in this form has the consistency of molasses, and it cannot flow through a pipeline. Creating a barrel of oil from tar sand deposits requires more energy and produces more greenhouse gasses than free-flowing crude.

The marchers made stops at a coal-fired power plant and the local Democratic party headquarters before ending at the Free Stamp in Willard Park. Those marching hope to convince President Obama to not approve construction of the Keystone XL.
The marchers also joined forces with and showed support for the Occupy Cleveland movement. Occupy Cleveland’s permits for Public Square expired. The city does not want to reissue them because the protest will interfere with the installation of the Christmas lighting.