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CSU hosts local model UN conference

By David Edwards

October, 27 2011

Last Saturday, students from four different universities gathered to participate in a local model UN conference hosted by the CSU chapter.

“I have been doing this for three years now,” said Drew Webster, Youngstown State student, studying foreign affairs with a minor in sociology.

“This is the most intense scrimmage,” Webster said. Webster was part of the Arab League debate representing Palestine.

Allie Roddy, a student from Lakeland Community College said she did some research before choosing the United Arab Emirates.

“I looked at their Ministry of Affairs web page and noticed that the UAE has one of the highest literacy rates in the area,” said Roddy.

Roddy, double major in Philosophy and Political Science, said she participated in mock trials at high school and said she wasn’t sure if she would participate in the model UN in the future.

“Its definitely something I would consider,” said Roddy.

James Lingo, who represented Slovenia in the EU program, said that the program was very informative.

“If you were ignorant before hopefully you can go back and spread the message to your campus,” said Lingo. “It definitely gives you more advantages and a broader perspective than what you get in classroom on issues like globalization.”

CSU student Patchio Muleba, who represented Mauritania, said the experience was helpful.

“The discipline of diplomacy is a field that requires special qualities,” said Muleba. “This experience allows me to strengthen different skills such as international diplomacy, public speaking, and resolution writing.”

Kimlee Sureemee, Sociology and International Relations major said she knows what to expect because she has been involved in the program in previous years.

“I enjoy participating in these simulation exercises,” said Sureemee. “I know how to prepare.”

The schools that participated included Youngstown State University, Lakeland Community College and Mercyhurst College.

The League of Arab States discussed the Syrian crisis, the Arab Spring and Palestinian statehood. They successfully wrote and passed a resolution on the Syrian Human Rights Crisis.

The other room was a simulation of the Europe. The Europe group, which is composed of the 17 finance ministers of nations using the Euro, as well as the European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, worked on the Eurozone Crisis.

Mary Protzman, President of the UN model for CSU encourages people to join.
“Once you join Model UN and get a taste of the competitions at these conferences, you will start to eat, sleep and breathe international politics,” Protzman said.