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Assault reported

A CSU student was arraigned on Oct. 4 for allegedly sexually assaulting another student inside Euclid Commons. The student was released on bond and has been banned from campus. The alleged victim was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Stupid criminal
On Sept. 20, an officer on patrol noticed a man break into a vehicle on East 17th Street. The officer watched the suspect pry open a Jeep Cherokee’s vent window and enter the vehicle. The suspect proceeded to place several items in a bag and was subsequently arrested by the observing officer.

Brotherly love
Two students called police on Sept. 20 to report they were finding it difficult to study following an altercation with a former roommate. The former roommate, the brother of one of the students, had moved out following a disagreement over a female friend. No violence or threats took place during the altercation.

Smoke reported
Safety officers responded to a report of smoke inside the physical education building on Sept. 22. Officers discovered the smoke was from a malfunctioning environmental chamber within the building. There was no fire.

Unlawful entries
On Sept. 26 Cleveland State Police received five separate calls concerning vehicle break-ins and thefts. Three car burglaries took place inside the West Parking Garage, one inside the Central Parking Garage and one off campus.

Angry girlfriend
A student reported a theft at Rhodes Tower on Sept. 22. The student said he was studying in the library when his girlfriend became irate. The girlfriend proceeded to place the student’s personal property inside her bag and walked away. Police responded and resolved the situation.

No pictures
A student was sexually harassed while leaving Main Classroom on Sept. 26. The victim said she was walking to her car when a man with a flip camera began to follow her. The suspect reportedly said, “You got it going on,” and proceeded to inappropriately touch the victim. The student immediately called the police and the suspect fled.