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CSU graduate Stella Hall brings her novel to life in new play

By Brittany Lett

October 13, 2010

The Bridge of No Return” by Cleveland’s Own Stella Hall, which came out in 2005, is described as an “awesome, can’t put down novel” by her fans.

“The Bridge of No Return” is a story about 30 year-old Felicia San Ford who finally gets her dream job working for a marketing company in New York City. While living and working in the fast-paced city, she suddenly finds herself involved in a love triangle.

Referred to by her fans as “Cleveland’s Own Stella Hall,” Stella is an alum of Cleveland State and majored in communications.

Stella is an entrepreneur artist. Working a regular nine-to-five was not fulfilling enough to Stella because she felt she was meant to do so much more.

The well-received novel has now been adapted for the stage.

On Nov. 19, “The Bridge of No Return” will premiere at the Community College Performing Arts Center.

“My experience at CSU was wonderful,” Hall said “I took what I learned and applied it to my talents which have gotten me a lot of recognition.”

The stage play is based on the novel “The Bridge of No Return,” written by Cleveland’s Own Stella, has received great reviews from magazines such as “Ebony” and “Today’s Black Women”.

“With this book, I wanted to try something different”, Hall said. “When I was bored either at work or school, when I had a thought that crossed my mind, I just wrote it down.”

All actors and staff in the stage production are from Cleveland.

Stella has also written three other novels with another on the way entitled “Joe”.

Not only is Stella a successful author, she is also a fashion designer, model and singer.

Stella is a major player in wanting to make arts more prevalent and creating more support in the African-American community of Cleveland.

“Cleveland is rich with talent,” Hall said “Many leave and return back successful however, they don’t receive the support from their city.”

Stella is a rising multi-talented star who will continue to shine.

The Cuyahoga Community College Performing Arts Center is located at 2900 Community College Ave. Showtime is at 7 p.m. Tickets are $20 for general admission and $35 for VIP.

For tickets, after party, or general information visit www.stellahall.com or call Intelligent Consulting at (440)447-0527.