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On the road again with a Viking athlete

By Roman Verzub

Oct. 13, 2011

A student-athlete must be a connoisseur of many fields. Beyond their sport, they need to keep their grades high, and as athletes, be strong on the art of travel, for all those times when their sport takes them beyond Cleveland State’s borders.

In the case of the CSU volleyball team, it’s a skill that is coming in handy.

The team recently took to the road where they defeated teams Green Bay, Wis. 3 games to 0, Valparaiso, Ind. 4 games to 3, and Chicago 3 games to 0.

Combined, these Vikings had to travel about 15 hours and nearly 6,000 miles to represent CSU.

Athletes who travel know that it can be a difficult road.

Joe Reddaway, a CSU sophmore who juggles his computer engineering major with a
position on CSU’s fencing team, knows this first hand.

“[Traveling] can be kind of boring and long,” he said. “We do everything we can to keep ourselves entertained.”Fun Size shooting in Cleveland

Reddaway said this includes watching films, listening to music, doing homework, and of course socializing with fellow teammates.

“On the OSU trip, because it’s four hours we didn’t get a charter bus, we actually just drove in separate cars,” Reddaway explained. “We were closer together and more engaged in conversation.”

He explained that this scenario forced team mates to become closer; solely because of their physical proximity to each other.

“On the bus you could go to sleep if you wanted to,” he said. “But in the car you couldn’t really do that.”

Reddaway said that this helped team dynamics, as do the post-game celebrations.

“This helps out tremendously with team chemistry,” he said. “Even though we practice
together and some people see each other socially, road trips are the only time when there is vast-majority of the group in a social setting.”

“It’s the best time to get to know your fellow teammates,” he said. “There were a lot of cool people, and we had a lot of fun.”