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Community Learning Center gives CSU students experience

Volunteer students provide free tutoring a day every week to children in grades K-9

Oct. 13, 2011

By Victoria Davis

There are many great volunteering opportunities for Cleveland State students on campus. One of them is the opportunity to tutor children in an academic setting at the Community Learning Center for Children and Youth(CLC).

In addition to course embedded field experiences for CSU Education students, the CLC  provides volunteer tutoring to children in grades K-9  on Thursday afternoons and evenings to support additional children and families wishing to take advantage of the Center’s resources and services. 

Tutoring is free of charge for all participants.

"Many courses of study, especially math and science, build strong funds of knowledge and expertise with which to fulfill tutoring goals,” said Sarah Shuster-Tucker, a graduate assistant of the CLC. “We welcome anyone interested in providing a service to families and sharing knowledge.”

The CLC is a year round instructional center housed in Julka Hall (suite 130) administered through Cleveland States department of teacher education.The center aims to connect CSU education students with the community through outreach activities designed to support local children and families. 

Among its many initiatives, the center is typically utilized by Cleveland State education majors who provide tutoring services to local children and youth embedded within their teacher training which is supervised by Cleveland State teacher education faculty.
These services include supplementary sessions to support students with literacy development as well as designing instruction for based on assessments data. 

Currently, Special Education and Literacy students are involved in these types of experiences. Typically, these sessions take place during evening hours (4:30p.m. – 7:30p.m.) during the fall and spring semesters.

The Administrators and Staff working with the CLC are excited about the impact CLC encounters have had on CSU Education Students as these experiences have helped them build confidence in their preparation as future professional educators.

"Cleveland State students have expressed that the experiences they've had in the CLC has helped them,” said Amy J. Justice, administrative coordinator of the CLC. “They feel more confident."

Future programming goals for the CLC include, CLC/RDRC (Reading Diagnostic Remediation Clinic) which will offer more individualized and intensive support for Cleveland’s children who struggle in essential reading and writing skills. The RDRC will provide school-age children and adults with comprehensive diagnostic literacy assessment that focus on all areas of literacy development: reading, spelling, and writing.

School based tutoring in which the CLC will offer tutoring services that will reach out to local schools and which will take place at various school sites across the region. 

The CLC will collaborate with district administration to ensure that “at risk” students not currently receiving formal supports will be able to benefit from this on-site tutoring at their local school;Family literacy suppport, a formalized program to support the parents of those children benefitting from services provided through the CLC, and professional development support geared towards current CSU Education students as well as local teacher educators. 

This service will provide current CSU students opportunities to master their teaching skills while offering local educators the opportunity to interact and learn from nationally and internationally recognized experts.

"We want the parents to be involved while they're here, " said Terri Purcell, CLC Director and Associate Professor of Literacy Education in the Department of Teacher Education.

CLC Fall 2011 hours are Monday & Wednesday 1:15-8:00 PM, Tuesday & Thursday Noon-8:00 PM, and Friday Noon-6:00 PM.

For more information about the CLC please visit  http://www.csuohio.edu/cehs/centers/clc.html or contact the Center’s Directors:
Dr. Terri Purcell (CLC Director) – T.L.Purcell@csuohio.edu
Dr. Kristine Still (CLC Assistant Director) – K.L.still@csuohio.edu