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CSU’s international student enrollment grows

Oct. 13, 2011

By Alex McKinley

Have you ever thought of studying abroad? It is an experience that could change your life. It opens doors to meet new people and learn new cultures. At Cleveland State, the international students are doing just that.

As of 2011, 918 international students attend CSU. India is leading the way with the most students. However, in recent years many students are coming from the Middle East.

“I chose CSU because they have a strong education and strong ESL to learn English language,” said Hamdan Algamdi, an international student from Saudi Arabia.

“I’ve been at CSU for nine months. I’ve been having a good time at CSU because there are no prejudices and there are friendly students. Sure I’ll tell my friends about this university to give them some awesome ideas,” Algamdi said.

Over the past five years CSU has attracted many students from other countries. Since 2005, the university has gained a lot of international students. From 2009 to 2010, the total number of students in the undergraduate and graduate level jumped from 598 to 674. In 2005, CSU had 688 students and now that number has grown to 918.

“When many schools experienced a huge drop in their international student ment in the aftermath of the Asian Econimic crisis of 1998 and then again post 9/11, CSU stayed constant in their overall numbers of international students,” said Monica Plunkett, assistant director of International Student Services. “This is something to be proud of.”

“Two of my friends in India who had their cousins studying at Cleveland State told them that CSU had good course work and a lab facility in my field of interest,” said Steffi Polisetty, a Computer major from India. She then checked the website and saw that CSU has very highly qualified professors. She found out that professors, including Chansu Yu, have a very strong research background in the fields of mobile computing and sensor networks. This impressed her.

“I found Cleveland State to be a better place for me to do my masters,” Polistetty said.
CSU has a great community of people and professors that are helpful in so many ways. The students really take to the teachers and are learning new things and gaining a wonderful education.

CSU is a smaller university so it takes more effort to bring the students here. They hear about CSU through word of mouth, which is also good for the university.
Although CSU is a smaller university than many in the country, CSU has held its own and has produced a lot of outstanding students who have gone on to bigger and better things.

“I also hope in the future we can attract students from areas where we are under-represented.” Plunkett said.

Talking with these students just shows how CSU has been great to them and gave them the best college experience.