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After 182 years, oldest beer comes to Ohio

Oct. 13, 2011

By Alex Mckinley

Yuengling Yuengling Beer, coming from the oldest brewery in America, was only sold on the eastern seaboard and the southern states of America, forcing consumers had to cross state lines just to taste the delicious beer. That has changed for Ohioans; they can now buy it at their local supermarkets.

“It’s about time!” said Adam Patton a graduate of CSU. For so many years this beer has been kept away from so many people in the country.

The distributors of Yeungling beer all represent the Anheuser Busch InBev. Many beer fans think this is a big move for the distributors because this beer is in such high demand that they should make a huge profit.has never been sold in Ohio after all these years. Its taste is very distinctive, and its aroma can knock you off your feet.

It is Yuengling Beer. D.G. Yuengling and Son Inc. is the oldest brewery in America and has finally expanded into Ohio. In 1829, David Yuengling founded the company in Pottsville, Pa. It kept pushing, even through prohibition. In 1976 it was nationally registered as America’s oldest brewery. In 2009, the Yuengling Company celebrated their 180 years of being a brewery.

“I am looking forward to Yuengling coming to Ohio. I think its good to have a widespread area of distributors. It mixes the variety all over,” said Ryan Suhy, a sophomore at CSU. Ohio joins the 14 states that sell the beer. This is a major feat for the state.

“It’s great to finally have Yuengling in Ohio. It’s a great tasting and very drinkable beer. I used to bring back two or three cases after visiting Erie, Pa., but now it’s finally available here, and my fridge is already stocked,” said Anthony NeCastro, a sophomore at CSU.

It seems that the students of legal age on campus are fond of the idea of Yuengling being brought to the state. Around campus a few bars already sell the fine beer. The Viking Tavern, on Euclid and East 18th Street, has it on tap, and Becky’s, between Chester and Payne Avenues on 18th street, sell the Lager and Black and Tan in bottles.

Bar Uno in the Student Center does not have the beer yet, but plans to serve Yuengling. Manager of Bar Uno in the Student Center, Don Price says, “I’m excited. It’s one of the biggest sellers in the country, and it’s a big deal.”

With it now being sold in and around campus the students will be able to drink up and enjoy the oldest brewed beer in America. It has been around for 182 years, and Ohio is finally allowed to sell it.