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24-hour study area in the works for CSU

Students can participate in online survey

Oct. 13, 2011

By Ashley Ammond

With the help of the Student Government Association, Cleveland State students may have the opportunity to pull their all-nighters on campus. A poll is now available for students on their opinion of a 24-hour study area.

SGA’s poll asks a few basic questions including, “What time would you most likely use the study area, on a scale of 1-10 how much do you like this idea, and what days would you use the study area?”

The study area’s initial location was going to be the library, but faculty members brought up several concerns, including cost and security. The idea has shifted to a different location.

“Dr. James Drnek, the dean of students, suggested the Fenn Tower computer lab and lobby. We are going for Fenn Tower for now,” said Omar Kurdi, CSU student and SGA director of external affairs.

According to Kurdi, although Fenn Tower is the starting point for this project, President Ronald M. Berkman supports the library as a long term permanent location.
SGA has been working on this idea for several years, but Kurdi wanted to make it one of his projects for the year.

The idea of a 24-hour study room seems to have pretty positive feedback thus far, with students already taking a part in the online poll.

One student commented on the poll, “Some students say they prefer to stay on campus after their night classes rather than go home, because they can’t drive home late or the public transportation schedule isn’t as frequent at night.”

ther students see it as an opportunity for students living on campus, because you can’t always get away from noise, but having a 24-hour study room would help.
The study area could be exactly what the students need on campus to fulfill their educational goals.

In addition to having a 24-hour study area, SGA also plans on having the same vending machines already in place available for students, and they’re in talks of extending the hours of Fenn Shoppe, which will hopefully include weekends.

“We are trying to improve the campus as a whole. This project will make the campus more of a community for students especially commuters,” Kurdi said.
As of right now, the 24-hour study area is just in the stage of planning, but moving quickly, and SGA is looking for students’ help.

You can vote on this idea at http://csusga.com/24-hour-facility-survey. It only takes a couple of minutes.

“The projected timeline is hopefully by Nov. 1,” Kurdi said. “I encourage all students to take this short survey; their feedback will be very much appreciated.”