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Letter from the Executive Editor

September 15, 2011

By Alex McKinley

Welcome to the new academic school year. My name is Alex McKinley and I am the Executive Editor of The Cleveland Stater for this semester. I am a senior at CSU, and I am graduating in the spring with a major in Journalism.

This semester is going to bring a lot of new changes to CSU and we will be there to cover them. We will cover the news fast and accurate.

We’ll make sure that the CSU community is up to date with all the events, construction, and housing projects happening in and around our campus. If any students want to help out the Stater just send an e-mail with your story idea.

We will jump on the story and gather the information and let the student body know the rundown. We are here to help the students and staff. We don’t want anyone to go misinformed about any situation.

We as a class take pride in finding and writing about news worthy topics. We have a new food review column in each issue. This column will help the students and faculty find great places to eat around campus.

As the art department moves to the Allen Theatre, we will be there every step of the way covering the big things to come for the people in the department.

Sports are always a big topic at any university, but here at CSU it is a way of life.
We will follow the teams and make sure that everyone on campus can follow the athletes all the way to the championship. All the changes and all the new students bring new thoughts and personality to the university.

I know that we will do the same with the way we will deliver the news. Thank you, and have a wonderful semester. GO VIKINGS!