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University Scholars program offers new challenges for advanced students

May 3, 2012

By Mandy Duncan

Some students want more of a challenge when it comes to college classes and programs and CSU’s University Scholars Program is one of the many ways on campus that students can strive to push themselves.

The University Scholars Program is an extension of the Honors Program at Cleveland State.

The program was applied in 2007 after the Honors Program started in 2004 through a drafted plan by a faculty committee and eventually approved by the Faculty Senate. Dr. Patricia Falk chaired the original planning committee. Dr. Barbara Margolius was the initial director of the Honors Program and she was in charge when University Scholars was started.

Students have the chance to enroll in honor level courses, work directly with professors on research projects and enroll in
special sections of designated courses and some internship experiences may be available for Scholars with certain majors. Students also participate in learning communities.

This program prompts participation from traditional students who have taken honors classes in high school or students with high ACT/SAT scores. Non traditional students and part time students who meet the minimal criteria are also encouraged to apply and participate in the program.

Some requirements for admission are students to be among the top 15 percent in class ranking, or have a high school GPA of 3.5 or better. Students ACT and SAT scores must be within the 90 percentile. Students also must have special appeal to the program.

Students must meet at least one of these requirements.
Current CSU students and transfer students need fewer than 90 credit hours (approximately), a minimum cumulative 3.5 GPA from previous college level work, Demonstration that completion of Upper Division Scholars Requirement is possible.

“Like the freshman class at CSU generally, the Scholars program is largely traditional students. However, we do have some non-traditional students, most of whom came in after transferring from one of the area community colleges,” said Peter Meiksins, Honors Program Director.

The number of students in the program currently is 250 and the program is still growing.
Even though the University Scholars program is an extension of the Honors program, the programs are separate in the aspect that students may not necessarily be in both programs.

“The two programs are separate. You’re in either one or the other. Some students in Scholars apply to be admitted to Honors as juniors and a few are admitted each year.

They have to have earned a 3.5 GPA overall and to complete the application process. It’s very competitive only about 20% of the students who apply in this way to Honors are admitted,” Meiksins said.