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CSU students choose college education over quick-ticket success of fellowship

Let’s face it. With parking rates peaking at a 50 percent hike and the daunting hushed conversations of increased tuition fees looming around the corner, it’s easy for CSU students to feel somewhat pessimistic about the future during the economic downturn. Monthly expenses of car payments, credit card bills, and gas prices only add to the stress and frustration felt by many college-age kids.

What if another path existed besides the pursuit of higher education? What if someone gave a handful of students the proverbial offer they couldn’t refuse?

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Learning About Culture Through Food: Annia Ciezadlo Writes About Love, War, and Food in the Middle East in her New Book "Day of Honey"

The Center for International Services & Programs organized a free lecture by Annia Ciezadlo, an American journalist and the author of Day of Honey, on March 3. Ciezadlo talked about her career as a journalist who reported on the daily lives of the people living in the war zone. Day of Honey was chosen by Oprah Winfrey as one of the top 15 books to read in February. The main themes of the book are love, war and food.
Ciezadlo, who grew up in the Midwest, and her Lebanese husband, who grew up in New York, moved to Beirut and Baghdad to cover the war as reporters. Ciezadlo covered the events, people, culture and food in the Middle East.

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'Eye-catching' CSU Engage Poster Wins Award

The University Marketing Department was recently awarded the ADDY award for its widely acclaimed CSU Engage project campaign. The ADDY awards are given each year by the American Advertising Federation’s, Cleveland Chapter.
CSU, under the leadership of Rob Spademan, assistant vice president for marketing and admissions, teamed up with a local ad agency called Flourish, to create the CSU Engage poster campaign, which won the 2011 Best of Show trophy.

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Gone phishing: CSU email hacking on the rise

CSU is repeatedly being aimed at by phishers who are trying to attain student and faculties’ email addresses and passwords. Once they hack into your account they abuse it to send out endless amounts of spam emails.

Phishing, which is a form of hacking, fools users and recipients into releasing personal information such as credit card numbers, account names, and social security numbers. Phishers can break into name brand places and trusted retailers convincing more than 5 percent of users to give away personal information.

These computer gurus make the emails very enticing by posting things such as “CSU is requesting your password verification” and may even sometimes request your bank account passwords.

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Police department moves into its new headquarters

Renovations are well under way for the new CSU campus police department, which moved to a new high-tech facility in April located at 1840 Chester Ave.
The facility is ADA compliant for public access, and the front of the building is equipped with an elevator giving better access to the disabled.

New Police HeadquartersNew additions allow for secured private access for authorized personnel and administrative offices in a central location, adjoining individual work areas for sergeants, a work area for patrol administrative duties and patrol meetings and a secured room for patrol equipment.

The new facility has an updated and integrated communications center and improved radio system and CCTV (closed circuit television) to help citizen-police communication.

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"Live Well Be Well" Panel Discusses Financial Stress

Cleveland-Marshall Colege of Law Holds Panel Discussion to Provide Students with Insight on how to Deal with Both the Financial and Academic Stresses that Accompany Law School

Live Well Be Well, a motto Cleveland- Marshall Law School wants to promote to law students. Two years ago, the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association formed a Mental Health Task Force to help students deal with stress while in school and prepare for a career in law. Starting in January, three panel sessions have been presented to conclude with the April Live Well Be Well Fair. Monday Feb. 28 was the last panel session titled Law School Finance and Debt Management. “This was the best [turn out] so far,” said Valissa Turner, manager of Student Affairs, “the second session had about 10 and around 20 came the first one.” The spacious Moot Court Room was scattered with law students munching on pizza listening to the panelist discuss debt and finance management.

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