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Defining a modern university

President Ronald M. Berkman delivered the State of the University address, on Oct. 5, to the faculty, students and staff of Cleveland State University. Many students might have missed what he had to say about universities in general and CSU in particular.

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Superman stirs the pot both nationwaide and locally

Davis Guggenheim is once again tackling a complicated issue in his new documentary, "Waiting for Superman."

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No Impact Man: Beavan encourages students to be themselves

For someone who has done their best to make no impact on the environment, Colin Beavan has made a huge impact on the readers of his book, “No Impact Man.”

Beavan gave a speech at the new Student Center Thursday October 6 at noon, followed by a book signing. He addressed the freshman class, who read his book as their summer reading assignment.
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State of CSU football

Cleveland State University made a big push to have students choose if they wanted to pay more tuition to support a football team back in the spring 2010 semester.

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Bonacci inducted to national Hall Of Fame

Wrestling was the pride of high school athletics inn Cleveland in the 1950s. For former CSU head coach Dick Bonacci, it was a way of life.

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An inside look at fencing

CSU is one of 23 Division-I schools in the nation that look to keep their winning ways.

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Swimming and Diving look to make waves in 2010-11

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CSU athletics names athletes of the month

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Transit Center now open for business

The $9.3 million Stephanie Tubbs Jones RTA transit center at 2110 Prospect Ave. is now open. The center sits adjacent to the South Garage. The opening ceremony is to be held on Oct. 19 and participants include Gov. Ted Strickland, Mayor Frank Jackson, as well as several of Tubbs Jones’ family members.

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Johnston is new coordinator of student activities

Jamie Johnston has found a new home at Cleveland State University as the coordinator of student activities in the student life department. Johnston has already done things around campus that proves she is the coordinator Cleveland State is looking for.

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Sharing your space: Anxiety of having a room-mate

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Gov. Strickland rallies the Cuyahoga County Democrats

The recent county corruption cases have sent the Democratic party in a scramble to retain control of the county and the state offices. The Cuyahoga County Democratic Central Committee met at The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo on Oct. 9 for the purpose of approving the appointment of David Reines as the new county auditor, given the recent resignation and indictment of former auditor Frank Russo.

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Spirited discussion on issues facing African-Americans in Cleveland, Cross honored with Stephanie Tubbs Jones Foundation scholarship

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You can keep the receipt

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New patent office opens at CSU

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