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Schrekengost’s life work celebrated

Cleveland State University has been awarded the archives of distinguished artist Viktor Schreckengost, an industrial designer and educator. The complete collection of his life’s work was officially presented to the Michael Schwartz Library on Sept. 30.
The event consisted of a forum, an unveiling and dedication ceremony and a reception. Some of the speakers included CSU President Ronald Berkman, Councilman Joe Cimperman, Dr. Glenda Thornton, Wally Berry of American DaVinci LLC, and Viktor’s wife, Gene Schreckengost.
Cimperman, alongside Mrs. Schreckengos

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Woven themes and abstract scenes

The passion for creating and exploring unique concepts is evident on the canvas’ mounted on the walls of CSU’s main art gallery. Ken Nevadomi, the artist and art teacher at CSU, has started the fall semester with his “On the Corner Off” exhibition.

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Critical Mass takes over CLE

On a typical Friday driving through downtown Cleveland, you are likely to hit some form of a traffic jam. If it is the last Friday of the month, that traffic jam might involve a few hundred cyclists taking charge of the streets.

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Café Bellas Artes takes a journey through Peru

Cafe Bellas ArtesThe Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs (ODAMA) in partnership with the Cleveland Museum of Art held its first Café Bellas Artes event, “Traveling through Peru in search of Art,” on Oct. 8 at the CSU Art Gallery on Chester Ave.
Café Bellas Artes is a gathering place to share art, literature, music, poetry and culture with people from the Latino community. Juan Carlos Gamarra, a CSU student from Peru and ODAMA committeeperson, was instrumental in the selection for the first Café Bellas Artes.

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“The 39 Steps” an amusing must see production

Ideal HusbandBuy into a comedic, fast-paced murder mystery, where amusing situations are waiting around every corner. Watching only four actors has never been so entertaining.
In fact, the casting of to portray dozens of characters turns out to be the main ingredient for hilarity in “The 39 Steps,” currently in production at the Cleveland Play House.

Originally a dramatic novel and then a 1935 Alfred Hitchcock film, playwright Patrick Barlow translated this classic serious story into an uproarious, laugh-out-loud murder mystery for the stage. Directed by Peter Amster, this production is able to poke fun at both the film noir style and the whodunit genre while poking the audience’s funny bone along the way.

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Seats filling up fast at Campus International

Campus International SchoolThe Campus International School (CIS) opened its door to the first class of 2010, kindergarten through 2nd grade students, in the recently retrofitted building of the First United Methodist Church. The rooms and large open space have been renovated into newly furnished classrooms, faculty offices and multiple learning areas for new students to enjoy.


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