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State of CSU football: Where is Cleveland State at with a possible football program?


Oct. 14, 2010

Cleveland State University made a big push to have students choose if they wanted to pay more tuition to support a football team back in the spring 2010 semester.
Fifty-seven percent of students voted for an increase of $4-$6 per credit hour to get a Viking football team on the field sometime in the future.
So where is the CSU football team proposal at right now? It is at a standstill for the time being.

“The athletics department is currently focused on finding a new athletics director first and foremost,” said Eli Auerbach, secretary of the student government association.
CSU might have put the football program on the back burner for the moment, but do not doubt that the new athletics director will be pro-football and take this proposal to the next level.

“To cover the setup costs, CSU is actively looking for $10-$13 million,” said Auerbach. “This money is needed first to show that costs of beginning the program and building a new venue are readily before phase two.”

Phase two is the next step of this process. Once there is proof of setup costs in place, then phase two will go back to the students to vote yes or no on a definitive amount of money that would be added to each credit hour of tuition.

With CSU enrollment for the Class of 2014 currently the highest it has been in nearly two decades, adding a football team will only help enrollment as well.

“Football is an attraction, and with CSU already showing signs of increased enrollment, a football team will only raise enrollment higher and higher,” said Auerbach.
Costs may be an issue, but not according to Student Government Association President Mohammed Faraj.

“A Viking football team will pay for itself quickly,” said Faraj. “I am all for it even though I will not be at CSU when the team takes the field for the first time, but football is what's best for CSU's future too.”

Another perspective on this matter is that of the students and why they may want to have a Viking football team.

“I voted for a CSU football team since Cleveland is a football town,” said Matt Marcinick, a communication student and avid football fan. “A big incentive of having football is there will be increased enrollment and that could move CSU from being a lesser known urban school to a well-known university.”

Cleveland State football is still 3-4 years down the road, but there are many students, faculty and alumni who want football grace to the shores of Cleveland and give Cleveland's strong high school football programs a place to send their graduates so they do not have to leave home.

“A Viking football team is nothing but a good thing for the city of Cleveland,” said Marcinick.

The ability to spend a Saturday watching Viking football is a thought that may be closer to being realized than ever before.