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Fencing Team Looks to Strike Again


Oct. 14, 2010

CSU is one of 23 Division-I schools in the nation that look to keep their winning ways.

Since 2000-2001, when the program was started, the present team posted one of its best seasons last year.

Andy Tulleners and company sent five players to the Midwest Fencing Regional last year. The success of Liran Gross was enough to qualify her for a spot at the NCAA fencing tournament where she finished 24th.

Fencing PracticeFencing is a sport that requires skill and balance. Each match is called a bout where players duel for three minutes or to whoever scores 15 points first.

“Some unique things is there are three weapons and each one used has historical background, also each bout is individual so even though we are a team we work individually to combine our scores to win a meet,” said John Marshall, senior, using the epee weapon.

Players get a point in several ways, for instance if the opponent steps outside the boundary the player gets a point. Points are also awarded for jabbing the sword into their opponent.

The CSU team is adding five players this season including one originally from Turkey and another who will join the women’s squad.

Salih Yasun placed fifth in 2007 and 6th in 2008 at various tournaments before coming stateside to Portland Mich. where he graduated high school.

“I think I bring a lot of spirit to the team, I also had four years of experience,” said Yasun. “Some things are different from international play in NCAA but I’m working developing new strategies and improving my speed.”

Another key pick up the team received was getting freshman Tom Bienvenu. He placed third in the Virginia Division Championship. He would later bounce back and win the Division II championship.

Anton Griepp, who will be new to the team this season, won the 2007 North American Cup and will look to continue playing well.
Being the only woman in the new recruiting class doesn’t mean much for Dickinson. She is a local from Medina who won the Ohio High School Fencing in 2009. The following season she placed third in the same tournament. Another milestone for Dickinson in her high school career was when she placed second in North American Cup Fencing tournament held in Iowa.

To round out this year’s recruiting class is John Cuturic. Cuturic used to fence in Westlake where he came in third in the Wolverine Snow Belt Challenge in 2009.

“So far the freshman are showing they know whats going on, and John and I are helping them making sure we all work together and staying focused,” said Stephanie Lee, junior using the foil weapon. “We encourage the freshman to talk to us if they feel stressed and we can work things out.”