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Johnston Is New Coordinator Of Student Activities

Oct. 14, 2010

Jamie Johnston has found a new home at Cleveland State University as the coordinator of student activities in the student life department. Johnston has already done things around campus that proves she is the coordinator Cleveland State is looking for.

Johnston was previously employed at Defiance College, which is a small liberal arts college. “I enjoyed my time at Defiance and feel I made a huge impact on campus through the campus events and traditions I created, it’s my aspiration to do that here at CSU,” Johnston said.

Johnston’s responsibilities include: advising the Campus Activities Board, running the City is our Campus program, coordinating Weeks of Welcome (WOW), assisting in the coordination of Vikefest, planning and implementing dinner and dialog, CSU’s annual Chili Challenge, the coordination of Chillfest, and the awards and recognition ceremony.
The next thing on Johnston’s list is coordinating Vikefest. Johnston says that she is not doing anything different for the fest this year, but may tweak a few things after looking at last year’s event.

“This year I am hoping to work with Residence Life and the RA’s to get students living on campus more involved,” Johnston said, “Ultimately I would like to see CSU having one unified homecoming that encompassed Greek Life, Alumni, Student Events, and other Departments.”

As of now, Johnston loves working in the student life department. She said all the faculty and staff welcomed her with open arms. Johnston said she is happy where the department is right now, and is excited to make things even better, and she encourages students to see the department with any ideas.

“Right now I think the department of Student Life is on the right track with student involvement. I think moving into the new building has given us a few challenges, as we are still trying to get students familiar with this great space,” Johnston said. “ If students haven’t yet spent time in the building I highly encourage it! The new student center is a beautiful space with tons of great meeting rooms, dining options, study areas, and outdoor space.”

Jean Hacker, a graduate student that works directly with Johnston has nothing but positive things to say about the new coordinator.

“I think Jamie is doing a great job as the new coordinator for student activities. She has a positive attitude and is great to work with. She brings to the position new ideas and a fresh perspective,” Hacker said. “I think that Jamie’s positive attitude and fresh ideas are a great addition to the Student Life Department.”

Johnston believes the students on campus is what really makes the department thrive. Without students ideas and thoughts Johnston and her fellow employees won’t know how to better involve students. Johnston definitely encourages students to give ideas and thoughts about things they would like to see happen on campus.

“I truly believe that in order for an event to have success, students need to be the ones developing the idea. With that being said I am looking for students to e-mail, call or stop in my office with ideas they have for events, big or small I would like to help students make these ideas reality,” Johnston said.

To give any ideas about student life, Johnston’s office is located on the third floor of the new student center. You can also e-mail Johnston at j.m.johnston3@csuohio.edu.