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Letter From The Cleveland Stater Editor-in-Chief

Sept. 16, 2010

Welcome back to all students, faculty, staff, and administrators to the Fall 2010 semester at CSU.

I am Daniel and I am your Editor-in-Chief and Sports Editor for The Stater this semester.

To give you a little information about me, I am in my third-to-last semester and I am a double major in digital media and journalism.

This semester at The Stater should be really interesting and just like how the new Student Center brings about a new era to CSU students, we will be bringing a new era to The Stater for campus news.

One year ago, The Stater got into social networking through Twitter, Facebook, and on YouTube. We are looking to expand these ever-growing networking opportunities to continue the trends of new media and convergence in journalism.

This means more tweets, more Facebook updates and more videos on YouTube too!

The plan this Fall is to take things to the next level of exposure, so please frequently visit all three parts of The Stater’s social networking trifecta to get all your news about CSU from the top source of CSU news.

All of us here at The Stater hope that you have a great Fall semester and go Browns.

Daniel Wolf