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Kriyayoga: new student group challenges mind, body and spirit

May 5, 2011

By Brittany Lett

A new student group on campus is teaching students intense awareness of their bodies and bringing positive change into students’ lives in multiple ways.

The Kriyayoga Club for Leadership and Non-Violence is a new group on campus created by three students from Cleveland Marshall College of Law: President, Scott Lynch, Vice-President, Sara Tackett, and Treasure/Secretary, Francesla Sequeira.

Kriyayoga is not an exercise, but a technique used to promote wellness of the body not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. It increases a person sensitivity, compassion, senses and strength within themselves.

The Kriyayoga Club for Leadership and Non-Violence not only teaches students how to meditate and practice non-violent methods, but also helps students find alternative methods in solving their own problems.

The group also references the acts of Gandhi, who also practiced Kriyayoga, by applying his experiences with what is going on in people’s lives today.

“Leadership isn’t what people think”, said Scott Lynch, “the most effective leaders are people who are interested in how to help others in the most effective way. In order to provide service to others, you have to understand them. And in order to understand them, you have to understand yourself.”

President and founder of the Kriyayoga Research Institute, Swami Shree Yogi Satyam, in Allahabad, India, will be visiting Northeast Ohio for one week.

He will lead the 4th annual Kriyayoga seminars on Leadership and Non-Violence at the Shore Cultural Center in Euclid from June 15th through June 22nd.

Those who attend the seminars can expect deep discussion about Kriyayoga and how one can apply it to their lives and guided meditation. The good thing about the seminars is that they personalized to each individual and their needs which create a more enjoyable experience.

On June 23rd at the Marshall College of Law building, Swami Shree yogi Satyam will be speaking on, “The Emerging Role of Non-Violence in Leadership, Justice and the Law”.
The seminars are free and are open to everyone.

If you have any questions or concerns contact Scott Lynch at (216) 870-0612 or email him at kriyayogaohio.gmail.com.