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Baseball team’s early start looks promising even with late inning struggles in bullpen

While it may not exactly feel like spring outside, Vikings baseball is officially back in full swing. CSU (2-4) may have lost their first two series games of the season against Longwood and UNC Greensboro, but things are looking up for Head Coach Kevin Kocks and his team.
“We’ve struggled on the mound first and foremost,” Kocks said.

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Seven new players on softball team look to help streaking Vikings continue their reign

After an impressive year in 2010, where the Vikings won a school record of 44 games and a Horizon League- record of 22 matches, the Cleveland State softball team has added seven new players to their 2011 roster.

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It’s tourney time, Baby!!!

Norris ColeThe Vikings men’s basketball game began their run at a possible NCAA tournament bid this past Tuesday, knocking off No. 10 seeded UIC 73-63. With the victory, CSU will advance to the quarterfinals of the Horizon League Championship against No. 6 seeded Wright State this Friday at U.S. Cellular Arena in Milwaukee.

Leading the charge for the Vikings against UIC was none other than senior point guard Norris Cole, who finished the game with 26 points, five rebounds, and four assists.

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Horizon League selects 2010 Fall Academic All-League Team

In the field of play, the uniform-clad athlete is graded for their performance and rewarded with playing time celebrated with a high-five from a teammate, a pat on the back from a coach or a trophy as a champion.

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As NFL Lock-out looms many are left asking what will happen?

As the current NFL collective bargaining agreement (CBA) runs out, many are left asking what is so hard about getting an agreement made. Cleveland is a big football town and if the Browns did not have a season next year the city would be crushed.

The most recent agreement will expire on March 3 with both NFL owners and NFL players association still at each other’s throats trying to get a new agreement made as the two sides walk away from seven consecutive days of talks. If the agreement is not met, at midnight on March 4, the league will be a lock out which has some fans reeling.

“I will just have to settle for some Madden,” laughs Jon Kostranchuck thinking what he will do with no season.

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