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Police Blotter

Motor Vehicle Theft
On Jan. 25, a male student reported that he parked his car at a meter on Chester Ave. and returned from class in the late afternoon to discover that the vehicle had been stolen. Cleveland RTA verified that his car had not been towed.

Hands Up, Pants Down
Near the soccer field on Chester Ave. Jan. 25, while on patrol, a police officer found a homeless man walking around with his pants down. The man was issued a warning.

Female Found Unconscious in Student Center
On Jan. 24, EMS responded to a female student that had passed out from giving blood for the annual drive held in the Student Center. She was conscious and breathing upon arrival, and refused treatment.

Trouble in Paradise
On Jan. 25, Officers responded to a physical altercation in front of Euclid Commons between a couple. The male was reportedly yelling at the female student and attempted to strike her with a plastic rod. Both chose not to press charges when police arrived to the scene.

Theft at Rhodes Tower
A contractor filed a report on Jan. 24 that he and fellow co-workers returned to work at Rhodes Tower to discover that a tool bag along with the tools inside of the bag were missing.

Baby Mama Drama on Prospect
On Jan. 26, security officers patrolling on Prospect Ave, observed a female strike a man with her fists. The man she had struck was reportedly the father of her unborn child. She was placed under arrest for domestic violence.