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Letter from The Cleveland Stater Editor-in-Chief

As the Spring 2011 semester gets into full swing, I hope this is only the beginning of a year full of learning and growth for the students, faculty, staff and administrators of Cleveland State.

My name is Leona and I have the privilege to serve as the editor-in-chief for this semester.

This is my final undergraduate semester at CSU, but I hope to continue my graduate coursework here in Fall 2011.

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Obama at CSU to talk about winning the future

President will address small business forum in Cleveland

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Berkman’s State of the University Address

The following editorials are the reactions from two Stater reporters to the president’s speech

Defining a modern university

President Ronald M. Berkman delivered the State of the University address, on Oct. 5, to the faculty, students and staff of Cleveland State University. Many students might have missed what he had to say about universities in general and CSU in particular.

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Road to success is paved at CSU

When President Ronald M. Berkman made his State of the University address to the CSU community -- his first time that formally addressed faculty and students since his inauguration last year -- he spoke of what defines a modern university.

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Media perpetuates hate:
Controversial reverend gets undeserved exposure

In a country that has enjoyed the freedoms of speech, expression and religion for generations, one would think that we would stop confusing all of that with an imaginary right not to be offended. I think it is great that I live in a country where Muslims can worship where they please and Christians can burn the Koran in a 9/11 protest.

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