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CSU Honors Faculty Inventors at Halftime

CSU suffered a loss last Thursday when the Vikings fell to Milwaukee, but the Wolstein Center also saw a win for the university as 12 faculty inventors were honored during halftime for their newly minted patents.Faculty members from the various departments in the colleges of science and engineering took to the court as their names were announced amid cheers from the crowd. The 12 CSU faculty members honored for their inventions included ...

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Piling in and Hoping to Pile Up at Viking Marketplace

The recipe for success as a student at Cleveland State University calls for a balance of work and play. The chaotic schedules that students keep work up an appetite for down-time with friends. Lucky for CSU students, the Viking Marketplace serves up the perfect portion of the college lifestyle. In the past, Viking Marketplace struggled to reach the large commuter-based population of Cleveland State University when it was located in Viking Hall. CSU revived its “pulse on dining” when Dining Services was given valued Innerlink positioning on the 2nd floor of the Student Center. The $500 million home to student organizations and activities opened for the fall 2010 semester and food fanciers have responded in number to the new locality.Director of Dining Services Jim Razzante credits the increased foot traffic to the growing popularity of the Viking Marketplace.

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Bar Uno: Developing Casual Campus Dining

The campus watering hole has transformed from a dry well into a veritable geyser in the fall of 2010 with the opening of Bar Uno.
Gone is The Shire, which actually had more of a bomb shelter in Mordor feel to it, and the grade-school cafeteria menu that it offered. The dimly-lit space and cramped columned-booth seating made the to-go option a wise choice, even at the expense of the entertainment. While the Pac-Man machine was a nice amenity in the early 80’s, it served as a landmark to encapsulate the need to update the tired ole Shire.

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College Style Changes Reflect Student Individualism

Budget and Maturity Play a Major Role in Cothing Choice and Appearance

Shanayra Stanford and Leslie PerkinsCollege is an important stage in our lives that has significant influence on who we become. Are the fashion styles we choose an indicator of how much we mature as individuals in college?
According to websites such as CollegeFashion.com, CollegeFashionista.com and HerCampus.com that focus on fashion trends in college for students, the years in college are transformative when it comes to style, but it is also a matter of what can be done when time is scarce.
“In college, fashion is highly subjective,” said an article on www.thebudgetfashionista.com. “Usually if it smells clean and it somewhat matches then it is a fashionable outfit.”

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Does Privacy Exist in the Digital Age?

Geo-caching Twitter Users Become Subject for Artists

Be careful what privacy settings you have on your social networking accounts; your status updates may become someone’s masterpiece, and they could end up anywhere.
The Cleveland State Art Gallery is currently showing an exhibit that raises the issue of privacy in the digital age, titled “Life Imitates Artifice.”
One of the exhibits, “Geolocation: Tributes to the Data Stream,” was created by Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman. The work uses status updates from the social networking website Twitter which the artists found to be particularly compelling.
Utilizing the geotag information that users can opt to have on their account, the users are tracked through their GPS coordinates. Larson and Shindelman travelled to the physical location of the tweet and took a photograph of that location, then paired the image with the text. The photographs are on display in Gallery C.Location
There is no doubt that technology has revolutionized our way of communicating. In the pursuit to relate the virtual and physical realms and understand what this says about our world today, Nate Larson believes that in the virtual universe, we can feel as though we are on a personal level with strangers because we are following their daily activities. “We imagine ourselves as virtual flâneurs, ethnographers of the Internet, exploring cities 140 characters at a time through the lives of others,” says Larson.

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"Live Well Be Well" Panel Discusses Financial Stress

Cleveland-Marshall Colege of Law Holds Panel Discussion to Provide Students with Insight on how to Deal with Both the Financial and Academic Stresses that Accompany Law School

Live Well Be Well, a motto Cleveland- Marshall Law School wants to promote to law students. Two years ago, the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association formed a Mental Health Task Force to help students deal with stress while in school and prepare for a career in law. Starting in January, three panel sessions have been presented to conclude with the April Live Well Be Well Fair. Monday Feb. 28 was the last panel session titled Law School Finance and Debt Management. “This was the best [turn out] so far,” said Valissa Turner, manager of Student Affairs, “the second session had about 10 and around 20 came the first one.” The spacious Moot Court Room was scattered with law students munching on pizza listening to the panelist discuss debt and finance management.

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