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Students share their opinions on the upcoming budget cuts

Students from all parts of the university give their concerns, worries and outlooks on the tuition
increase and graduating on time

March 3, 2011

BY Kelsey Mercurio

The university has said all it can about the cuts that are taking place this month, but what do the students think? Unfortunately, it seems that most students on campus don’t know much about the cuts and how it will affect them.

There is still no definite answer about how the cuts will affect the student’s tuition, but it’s safe to say the increase will hurt the pockets of many students.

Not only is the tuition a factor for students, but the department cuts can also have a negative impact. If the departments get smaller it may be harder for students to get into the classes they need to graduate.

Junior Courtney Rocco is worried about the upcoming years and how much it may cost to attend CSU.

“I know that no school is inexpensive, but if it goes up more than usual it is going to hurt a lot,” Rocco said. “I am planning to graduate next year so I hope I can get all of my classes in as well if the departments cut down on classes.”

A law student who is in their junior year is also worried about graduating on time.

“When you get up in the higher level classes its hard to find more than one class offered, and with all the students here it fills up fast. I just hope the university finds a way to handle the cuts so we don’t get hurt in the end.”

Most students have the same worries about the upcoming cuts: They hope the tuition won’t increase to such a high cost they won’t be able to attend next year and they hope to get in all the classes they need in order to graduate.

“I just seriously hope the university finds a way to make cuts in places that won’t have a negative affect on the students or the faculty,” Rocco said.
Sophomore Stephen Jones has a different look on things. “The university has to do what it has to do,” Jones said. “The money that the university depends on isn’t happening this year and they have to make changes. I’m sure whatever the university does is the best thing for the school.”

“No one likes an increase of tuition,” said Scott Miller, Graduate Business Senator of SGA. “Cleveland State still has a tremendous educational value for the tuition. This increase will still be smaller than most private schools. It is still a good value for the education.”

“Although Cleveland State has to succumb to an increase in tuition, it has been a long time coming since we had to do this,” said Fouad Yared, student organization Senator of SGA. “For instance, the two-year freeze was very recent and compared to other schools they stayed the same. It’s natural progression.” Yared added that no student organization will be affected by the upcoming budget cuts.

The university has been working hard at the budgets cuts not affecting the students. The tuition will go up, but how much is still not set. As for the departments, changes will most likely happen in which classes may be affected, but Cleveland State is doing everything possible to make this situation work out the best it can.