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Frat-boy struggles to defend honor

On June 8, a fight broke out between two students in front of the Main Classroom. The agitator was a member of a fraternity who confronted the other student about disparaging comments regarding the individual specifically, and fraternities in general, which had been made earlier. The student expressed desire to press charges against the fraternity member.

Student fends off would-be mugger

On June 5, a CSU student was run down by a black man on a mountain bike near Trinity Church on Euclid Avenue. The assailant caught up and beat on the victim, yelling for him to hand over valuables. The student refused and eventually the man returned to his bike and fled the scene.

Smell spoiled food? Blame it on the water leak

On June 7, $1,437.70 worth of food was spoiled due to a water leak in Main Classroom. The cause of the leak has yet to be determined.

Common theme among car break-ins

From June 8 _ 11, a rash of vehicle break-ins occurred in cars parked on streets and in designated lots near the north end of the campus.
The break-ins mostly occurred in the late afternoon between 4 and 6, and the most common item stolen was GPS units. Most of the owners had taken the public service announcement’s advise about removing valuables from plain sight.