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The summer semester at Cleveland State University starts off with a wave of excitement. The most notable announcements include the $6 million grant given to the university by CSU alum, Bill Julka. Recently, CSU and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District announced the Campus International School will launch this fall and Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson is named the 2010 recipient of the In Tribute to the Public Service Award. The College of Education building is expected to be inaugurated this fall and the new student center building is well on its way to completion.

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Where is the love for Cleveland?
Clevelanders are losing faith in a city which has given them much reason to keep believing

In a recent interview with President Ronald Berkman, we discussed the importance of Cleveland pride. It seems people of Cleveland, and outsiders as well, are quick to put Cleveland down for its lack of excitement and panache.

I must say, I disagree with this sentiment. After traveling through Europe, the Middle East and parts of the United States I believe Cleveland is as exciting as most communities across the globe.

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“Lebron-frence” leaves fans devestated

Much has been made about LeBron James’ decision to leave Cleveland during an hour- long, prime time special on ESPN.

The program gave the conglomerate its highest non-NFL ratings of the year and it gave Cleveland fans another bullet to attack James with. Not that they needed it.

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Occupation Produces Resistance

Palestinians claim East Jerusalem as the capital of their future state, but Israeli government has refused to stop expansion of Jewish settlements in a mostly Arab neighborhood. The new settlement will expel more Palestinians from their homes and push them into refugee camps.

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