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bodies2Bodies: The Exhibition

Downtown Cleveland and East Fourth Street has gotten a face lift, and a new show in town that is attracting visitors.

The Bodies: The Exhibition is seen as both captivating and fascinating, with different exhibits within the whole exhibition showing viewers and visitors the effects of alcohol, diseases and overeating has on the human body.

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University Circle: The festive, creative, and cultural neighborhood

University Circle is one of the creative neighborhoods in the city of Cleveland.

The neighborhood is located four miles east of downtown Cleveland which features attractions such as the Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Botanical Gardens, Cleveland Cultural Gardens, and Severance Hall, which house the Cleveland Orchestra; Case Western Reserve University and other attractions.

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City of Cleveland celebrates Unity and Diversity at Cleveland Pride Festival

youth gay festivalBright colors, multi-culture, freedom and unity describes the atmosphere at the 2010 Cleveland Pride Festival.

The 22nd Annual Cleveland Pride Festival took place on a hot, sunny and humid afternoon at Voinovich Park in downtown Cleveland. The festival brought together attendees from all over the city of Cleveland, on June 26, to celebrate a community which can go unnoticed at times.

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CSU's Summer Stages Open with Elephant Man

Elephant Man

Live professional theater during the hot and humid summer in Cleveland is a major attraction. Downtown Cleveland has its own professional summer theater company, the Cleveland State University’s Summer Stages kicked off their fourth season.

Summer Stages had an award winning season last year [2009], this summer it returns with three shows in rotating during a five-week run from July 8 through August 8.

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CSU art gallery displays Islam’s true meaning

Islamic art in Hagia Sophia

The Cleveland State University Art Gallery unveiled an exhibition on Islamic art, titled “Another Way of Looking: Influences from Islam,” on May 21. The exhibition will run through June 26.
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